Introducing Book Two …

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Alf and Wilf are back, and this time they’ve been tasked with investigating suspicious activity at Gribble school.

The trouble is, there isn’t any.

It looks like they’ve got no chance of catching whoever’s been spying for a magical corporation from another reality … until someone loses their head. Literally. All of a sudden there’s suspicious activity all over the place, from some surprising directions, and Alf and Wilf no longer know who to trust. It’s time for another trip over the Nameless Hills but will the witch with the castle in her cottage help or hinder them? With a pair of sarcastic horses, a magic carpet, and some cocktail umbrellas all getting in on the act, can Alf and Wilf work out who’s on their side to uncover the spy and save the school from poisoned magic before it’s too late?

Book Two is written and now going through the editing process and should be ready for release in the next few weeks! Woohoo. (About time too, I know.)

I can now reveal that the title of Book Two, the second book in the Gribble Adventures series, is (drumroll) …


Coming soon: a cover reveal and some snippets from the new book. Keep your eyes peeled! Hurrah.