About the Author

Jane Cooper’s self-publishing journey started when she was 13, way before self-publishing had actually been invented. With her best friend, she spent the whole school holidays producing their masterpiece “The Diary of Alison Folderface” using images cut out of the Kays catalogue for cover art and a hardbacked thesaurus for pretentiousness.

Some years later, our intrepid author decided to write a proper novel that didn’t rely on using 17 different colours of ink to make it attractive to the reader. Some years after that, as the proud owner of an impressive accumulation of unfinished, half-written, novel-length stories, she bravely went back and re-read some of her work. There she realised that the most irritating thing in the entirety of human history is a novel without an ending. And so she finally wrote one.

Her first (and also zillionth) novel, THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN, is an entertaining fantasy for kids and adults alike about finding out that you’re much braver than you think. It also features a dragon who outstays its welcome, a headmistress whose large collection of sharp objects is only slightly less terrifying than she is, and a dark secret that will change the lives of our boy heroes Alf and Wilf forever.

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