Happy birthday to THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN!

Amazingly, it’s a whole year today since THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN was published. Before Brexit. Before Trump. Before Peter Capaldi told us he was leaving Doctor Who. What a difference a year makes. Unless you’re a rock or some other static geological feature. Then it hardly makes any difference at all.

Anyway. To celebrate THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN’s first birthday, why not read it again? Grab your paperback or your Kindle, get yourself a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake, and enjoy the first Gribble adventure in preparation for …


Yes, this is an official announcement that BOOK TWO is officially on the way. Officially. It’s got a title (which I will be revealing soon) and most of a cover (which I will also be revealing soon. See a clever pattern emerging?) and it will be on sale later in the summer. STAY TUNED FOR MORE NEWS.

But in the meantime, this is THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN’s day. Happy birthday to my firstborn publication. If you enjoyed it, why not write it a nice review as a jolly birthday gift?

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