Five months since THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN … so where’s Book Two?

It’s five months almost to the day since THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN was published. Surely it’s time for a new book, right? I mean, WHAT I AM DOING ALL THE LIVE-LONG DAY?

Well,  Book Two is still in progress. Oh yes. It’s still happening. But there has been a little bit of tension behind the scenes. You see, as much fun as Wilf, Alf and Miss Dagger are, I was spending an awful lot of time with them. And you know how it is when you spend too much time with the same people, don’t you? Yep. They start to get on your nerves, even if you love them. And that’s what happened here. That’s right. I began to annoy them. You can’t blame them, I suppose; there they were, just trying to mind their own business, and there I was, hanging around all the time and making them do stuff. So the residents of Gribble (in both worlds) and I decided to have a little break from each other for a while – we’re calling it a mutual break due to ‘artistic differences’ to save my feelings, anyway – and I went away to give them some space.

If you’re a Gribble fan, DON’T PANIC. Book Two is still coming. The Gribble residents are just taking a little sabbatical. Between you and me, some of them have a tendency to be a bit, well, diva-ish. Quite frankly, we’re all best staying out of their way until they’re ready to take to the stage again. Why not go and review THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN on Amazon to give you something to do while you wait?

But hang on. What exactly have I been doing then, since Miss Dagger gave me a frightful glare and told me go away and give her a holiday? (And you might be annoyed that I obeyed and didn’t keep writing, but I’d like to see you stare her out and refuse to do as you’re told.) Hm? I mean, I must have been doing something useful, yes? Well, actually, no. I’ve been pestering a whole new set of characters instead. It’s not my fault. I can’t help myself.

So, the upshot is that the next new release is not going to be Gribble Book Two but SOMETHING ELSE!

Here are some interesting facts about THE NEXT STORY:

  1. I was hoping to get it out before Halloween but … er … well, maybe there will be a miracle and that will happen, but more likely it’ll be a few more weeks away. Shh.
  2. It’s NOT A CHILDREN’S BOOK. YIKES! That is to say, it’s not been written specifically for children, and the main characters are not children. BUT, apart from one instance of the phrase, “Sneaky little buggers” and some references to (comical) immodest dancing, it should be fine for older children. That’s your call as a parent, OK? DON’T BLAME ME IF YOUR CHILD BECOMES FIXATED WITH FERRETS. That’s all I’m saying.
  3. It will be a novella. That means it will be shorter than a novel but still a reasonable length. So you should still buy it. Obviously.
  4. There are witches in it. Obviously.
  6. (Yes, there are.)

Keep an eye on this blog and the Facebook page for more announcements, such as a title reveal, a cover reveal, and a release date. Meanwhile, why not astound your friends with this amazing news? Drum up some excitement! And I’m not sure I’ve ever suggested this before, but why not review THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN while you’re at it?






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