Drum roll, maestro, please … THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN is out!

Dragon in the Drain Cover High Res

I hear the sound of fanfares, party poppers, fireworks, and champagne corks. Possibly even some raucous singing. THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN is live on Amazon.

Not only that, but for ONE WEEK ONLY you can get it for the absolute bargain price of just 99 pence!

Share the news, people! Spread the word!

It’s available here if you’re in the UK, or here if you’re in the US. It’s available in lots of other places too, but you’ll have to search your local Amazon yourself if you’re elsewhere. Come on now, I can’t do everything for you.

At the moment, THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN is only available as an ebook. If you’re chomping at the bit to get your hands on a print copy, please be patient. It’s in progress!

Thank you so much for your support so far, and I hope you enjoy THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN. If you do, then please – tell me, tell your friends, tell your hairdresser, your postman, your next door neighbours and all your friends on social media. Tell EVERYONE. If you don’t – well, socialising is tiring isn’t it? Sometimes it’s just nice to stay in. On your own.

If you have any queries or comments, you can contact me via all the usual places, or you can email me at hello@janecooperbooks.com.

And now … I’m off for a nap.



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