Not long now until THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN!


So, that’s been an exciting couple of days!

The response to the announcement of the forthcoming publication of THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN has been amazing. I’m grateful for each and every supportive and encouraging comment, tweet, post and share. Thank you to every single person who has helped me spread the news , and please keep telling your friends. In fact, why not tell people you don’t like, too? They’re not that bad, are they? Be fair. They don’t deserve to miss out.

I’m due to make final edits to the book next week, and then once it’s been formatted it’ll be ready to go. I’ll be sending out an email to my mailing list to as soon as I have a date for publication so sign up to receive the updates!

I’ve been asked a fair few questions over the last couple of days, and a couple keep popping up again and again.

Firstly, people are asking about the reader age range for THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN, and I’d say the answer to that is probably from about age 8 or 9 and upwards. That’s just a guide of course. I just wrote a book that I would enjoy reading myself, and I’m much older than 8 or 9. But hey, no-one’s too old for dragons, right?

The other question that keeps recurring is whether THE DRAGON IN THE DRAIN will be available as an e-book or a paperback. The answer to that is that it will definitely be available as an e-book and it will also be available as a paperback if that’s what the readers want! The publishing processes are separate, so the e-book will be available first. I’d love people to get in touch and let me know if they would prefer a paperback version (no obligation – I’m just trying to get a general idea of how much demand there would be). You can comment here on the blog, or on my Facebook Author Page,  tweet me at @janecooperbooks, or even email me at if you prefer.

Thanks for your support so far, and I can’t wait to hear from you!

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    I would very much love to get my hands on an actual paper copy of The Dragon in the Drain if such a thing were to be available to the general public.

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