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Dragon in the Drain Cover High Res

Alf Lomax just wants a quiet life. And since he lives in the village of Gribble that’s just as well, because there are no other kinds available.

Nothing happens in Gribble. Ever.  No-one leaves, no-one arrives, and no-one does anything remotely interesting. Alf lives with his mother, goes to school, and hangs out with his best friend, Wilf Atkins. That’s it.

When Wilf is chased out of a drain by a dragon one Sunday afternoon, Alf’s boring but safe life is transformed, and he’s not at all happy about it. He has enough trouble dealing with next door’s cat, let alone a mythical creature from another reality. And the dragon is just the beginning of the weirdness. Certain people Alf has known since he was born turn out to have been leading far more interesting lives than they were letting on. And for some reason, they seem determined to make him do the same. Can Alf avoid the adventure he really doesn’t want to have, prevent a lethal clash between realities, and avoid detention for setting fire to the school?

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